The importance of rain forest and results of its destruction

Importance of Rain Forests and Subject:

The importance of rain forest and results of its destruction

Rainforests around the world are being destroyed at such rates, three hundred and sixty-five days a year. This paper analyzes tropical rainforest destruction from many different perspectives because there are several contributing factors to the destruction of rainforests. Topics addressed in this paper include: At the end of this paper there is an appendix to aid the reader in understanding the concepts presented.

Why are rainforests important? Rainforests are an asset to the entire world. The destruction of rainforests worldwide is a problem because it eliminates habitat for wild life and depletes the earth of vital environmental services.

Rainforests are valuable for their own sake and not just for the value that humans can extract from nature. What is rainforest destruction? When rainforests are destroyed, they are robbed of their capability to sustain plant and animal life.

The plants and trees of the forests can be burnt or cut down, resulting in partial or entire devastation of the rainforest that once existed.

When rainforest destruction occurs, the flora is damaged or completely gone and the animals that once lived in that area leave because their habitat is degraded or torn down.

Tropical rainforests receive more rain and have warmer temperatures than either tropical moist forests or tropical dry forests. Although this paper does not concentrate on one type of tropical rainforest, it does address the factors that threaten tropical rainforests and their survival.

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However, the range of rainforests that exists today is diminishing. The current range of rainforests Currently, rainforests are distributed around the world in between the latitudes of thirty degrees north and south of the equator. They are predominantly in South America, Africa, and oceanic islands.

See diagram 1 in appendix.

The importance of rain forest and results of its destruction

If rainforests are not sustainably managed there will be fewer forests for humans to draw upon. See diagram 2 for statistics about rates of rainforest destruction worldwide. Causes of rainforest destruction Humans have devised many techniques to destroy rainforests.

Chain saws and bulldozers are used as efficient ways to destroy many acres of rainforest at a time. Bulldozers are often used to clear land in order to prepare it for slashing and burning.

Slash and burn agriculture:In order to counteract the various factors that contribute to rainforest destruction in Puerto Rico, the commonwealth should be encouraged “to establish nature centers at representative regions of the island within its forest system in order to draw attention to the importance of the island’s native tropical forests” (Lewis,, pg 83).

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The importance of rain forest and results of its destruction

Exactly what I needed. The Importance of the Tropical Rainforests and Results of Forest Destruction.

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5, words. 12 pages. The Importance of Rain Forest and Results of its Destruction. 2, words. 5 pages. An Overview of the Amazon Rainforest The Great Importance of the Tropical Rainforests and the Effects. Rain Bird has always supported and educated its consumers on the importance of the This results in a loss of acres of rain forest per minute and 80% of the rain forests in the world are now gone.

The destruction of the world's rain forests at this rate causes 10, plant and animal species to become extinct each year. 3. Now the government tries to save the forest land and reserve forest in the country.

But the destruction of forests continues. Though, millions of new trees are planted every year in .

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