Raising the awareness against terrorism attacks

As terrorist organizations proliferate and seek innovative ways to plan and execute physical and cyberattacks across the globe, the threat they pose is becoming increasingly complex. Critical infrastructure is especially vulnerable, including energy facilities and networks; air, land and maritime transportation; banking and financial services; water supply; food distribution, public health and other services that are the backbone of modern societies.

Raising the awareness against terrorism attacks

The CoR - the assembly of elected local and regional representatives of the European Union - calls on the European Commission to ensure the continuity of the new fund for supporting transnational projects protecting public spaces.

It calls on the Member States, regions and cities to incorporate the protection of public spaces into the infrastructure investment carried out under the European Regional Development Fund and the Cohesion Fund.

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To help Member States and local authorities protect public spaces, which are increasingly targeted by terrorists airports, stations, stadiums, market places, etc.

Of this funding, EUR million will be allocated through the European Regional Development Fund to municipalities that invest in innovative security solutions.

Raising the awareness against terrorism attacks

In an opinion adopted on 4 July, the European Committee of the Regions welcomed the Commission's recognition of the role of local elected representatives in introducing measures to make public spaces less vulnerable to terrorist attacks.

The Commission's action plan provides indisputable support to help local elected representatives introduce tangible operational measures. Making public spaces safer As regards funding, the Committee calls on the Commission to simplify access to EU funds for non-state actors, open them up to local authorities of all sizes, and ensure that good links are established with national, regional and local security funding.


The CoR shares the concern that local authorities need to be made aware of the vulnerability of public spaces and supports the call to the Member States, regions and cities to incorporate the protection of public spaces into the infrastructure investment carried out under the European Regional Development Fund and the Cohesion Fund.

Forums for exchanging expertise and best practice The Committee of the Regions supports the creation of a practitioners' forum law enforcement professionals and police forces supplemented by a "network of high-risk public spaces" which will provide a platform for joint training and exercises.

It calls for representatives of local and regional authorities to be involved in these structures and in the newly-established operators' forum intended to serve as a channel of communication between public authorities and operators.

The conference was an opportunity to learn from the recent attacks, discuss the protection of public spaces and the challenge of preventing radicalisation and identify good practices emerging in EU cities.Terrorist Incidents and Attacks Against Jews and Israelis in the United States anti-Semitic attacks and terrorist incidents against Jews and Israelis in the This study is intended to raise awareness in the American Jewish.

Critical infrastructure owners and operators need to be aware of malicious cyber activity and take measures to protect their assets.

Aware, Capable and Engaged for a Safer Future

They should read the ICS-CERT Incident Alert regarding this incident and implement mitigation practices outlined in the alert. Raising Awareness of Cybercrimes and Links to Terrorism The new age of terrorist attacks are often cheap and effective and organised by small groups or individuals who rely on activities awareness is a strong first line of defence against cybercrime.

Terrorism Awareness And Prevention Terrorism is the unlawful use of force of violence against persons or property to intimidate or World Trade Center (WTC) Attacks-Both the and attacks on the WTC were executed and .

Raising the awareness against terrorism attacks

In order for federal agencies to protect the nation against digital crimes and digital terrorism, the U.S. government requires employing technologically innovative people to work in federal agencies like FBI and Secret Service.

The government should, also, ensure the presence of adequate cyber security and bureaucratic structure policies. These events are designed to give operatives a greater awareness of the threat we all face from terrorism, a shared knowledge of best practice and procedures, and an understanding of the important role they can play in preventing attacks.

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