Paternal relationship essay

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Parenting Styles and Culture Given the diverse cultures that can shape parenting behavior, some basic assumptions regarding the links between parenting styles and developmental outcomes may not be universal.

Paternal relationship essay

The role of father Paternal relationship essay childrearing is often stereotyped, being restricted to breadwinning and punitive activities - The Father-Child Relationship as a Protective Factor for Children of Divorce Essay introduction. Theoretical and empirical studies overviewed suggest that a father and his empathic, cooperative, and affectionate attitude to an offspring Paternal relationship essay much for the latter at all developmental stages regardless of gender.

Hypotheses The father-child relationship does not affect children adjusting to parental divorce. The father-child relationship serves as a protective factor for children adjusting to parental divorce.

Method Participants The current research utilized multi-stage sampling. After explaining the goals and objectives of the study to school system administrators and with permission from the school administrators, the researcher contacted the custodial parent of the students in the sample to describe the study, its goals and objectives and obtain informed consent.

These custodial parents who have agreed to participate in the study were asked to provide the researcher with background information through a Demographic Questionnaire form. Background data consisted of a type of the family where a child lived at the time of conducting the study i.


So far as the research was conducted with school aged children children aged 4 to 17there were expected four clusters of participants: Measures Three measures were completed in relation to each child in the study see appendix questionnaires.

First, custodial parents were asked to complete a Demographic Questionnaire developed to obtain information on the following points: Second, a Fathering Questionnaire was developed, utilizing Likert scales, for the biological fathers of the participating students.

The focus of the father questionnaires was to gather information related to the frequency of father-children contact per week in pre- and post-divorce periods non-divorced fathers were asked to rate current frequency of contacts with their offspringsthe type of father-children interactions prior and subsequent to the divorce non-divorced fathers had to specify the type of current interactions, i.

The fathers of 45 students were divorced from their wives and mothers of their children, whereas 45 individuals lived in intact families. The children from divorced families were divided into three groups of 15 subjects each: Degree of father availability was assessed through Demographic and Fathering questionnaires.

Paternal relationship essay

Each child of divorced parents was matched with a child from an intact family in terms of age and social background by the team of independent matchers.

Since individual subject matching was done, t tests for matched pairs were employed. Responses for the two quality measurement instruments, the Fathering Questionnaire and the Adjustment Questionnaire, were computed.

The scores were analyzed using a univariate analysis of variance as well as pairwise comparisons. Those children, who had qualitative and frequent contacts with their fathers, demonstrated higher academic achievement and lower levels of anxiety. Children with greater paternal care were more socially adjusted and had less behavior problems.

Literature Review The current literature review provides an account of 29 scholarly articles that have been reviewed in a qualitative fashion. There will be four strands of analysis undertaken: Divorce as a Dynamic Process Since the early s, academic community started treating divorce as a dynamic process.

Thus, it is assumed that a child continues coping with the consequences of pre-divorce and divorce disequilibrium long after the period of parental separation. Upon Amato and Keith performed a meta-analysis of research data on 13, children who have participated in 92 studies in the s through the s, they somehow supported Hetherington in expecting complex and long-lasting harm that divorce caused to individuals: The statement underlined the dynamic essence of divorce where stakeholders i.

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Portes, Smith, and Brown refined the conceptualization of divorce as a dynamic phenomenon using the revised Divorce Adjustment Inventory DAIR parent questionnaire across two samples of divorced families with children aged They created their model consisting of five systems taking into consideration the level of interparental discord and some external factors.

The measured effects of divorce vary in number and depth depending on the rates of divorce and research instruments being utilized by researchers. When Amato conducted a meta-analysis on 67 studies dated between andhe took into consideration that increasing gap between well-being of children from divorced and intact families.

The researcher acknowledged that children of divorce in the s were as impaired in their academic achievement, conduct, psychological and emotional adjustment, self-concept, and social relations as children in the earlier periods.

Conceptualization of divorce as a stressor for children was supported by Reifman, Villa, Amans, Rethinam, and Telesca in their meta-analysis of 35 articles published between and Oct 10,  · The differences between paternal and maternal grandmothers difference vs family ties that bind grandparents are more involved in relationships whattoexpect dictionary definition vocabulary.

In her essay collection, Their relationship turned sexual during the fall of , when Previn was a freshman at Drew University, she told the magazine. “I was paternal. She. Paternalism is the interference of a state or an individual with another person, against their will, and defended or motivated by a claim that the person interfered with will be better off or protected from harm.

with information on both parental relationship quality and child outcomes. In addition, many studies In addition, many studies ignore couples in cohabiting relationships.


10,11 . Parental Rights Essay. Example of a Persuasive essay on Law about: father / rights / family / child / social environment / law / relationships / responsibility. Father Parental Rights he might be involved into a new type of relationship that may prevent him from seeing his child; he may be physically or mentally unable to fulfill his.

Paternal Influences and the Father's Role spective provided in this essay is unashamedly father-child relationship exists within the context.

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