Monitoring budget implementation and evaluation presentation

The importance of a concerted approach is now widely accepted.

Monitoring budget implementation and evaluation presentation

Monitoring the budget is important to ensure that the financial, operational and capital plans that were developed and approved for implementation as part of the budget processes are being implemented.

Budget monitoring is crucial for an organization to be able to enforce accountability related to spending. Budget monitoring must include examination of a broad set of functions in order to fully inform what actions need to be taken if significant deviations are found.

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To ensure this, governments should clearly articulate not only the elements and who will analyze, but also how the analysis will be utilized. If conducted consistently, thoroughly and effectively, the budget monitoring process will provide information that may lead to corrective action or operational improvement.

GFOA recommends that all governments establish a formal set of processes for comparing budget to actual results to monitor financial performance. Governments should establish comprehensive budget monitoring that includes the following key items: What elements should be reviewed: Governments need to carefully analyze sources of funds with particular attention to: Governments need to carefully monitor all expenditures as well — including one-time uses and also examining key aspects of the following: Examine additional detail beyond just regular payroll expenses, including analysis related to hiring and vacancy information and also, depending on magnitude, analysis of part-time, overtime, leave pay out and special pay.

Monitoring budget implementation and evaluation presentation

And whether fringe benefit costs are within budgeted expectations as well. Monitoring needs to include more than just current expenses.

Governments need to analyze draw down of encumbrances, outstanding purchase orders, and its major contracts to develop a better picture of not only what was spent, but what remains to be spent.

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Are services being provided as anticipated? Are any services being provided that were unanticipated? What trends are being observed that may impact whether or not spending remains on track?

How is the broader context of prices for labor, services, commodities and other items impacting expenses versus the budget? Governments should incorporate into their budget monitoring process an examination of performance measures and linkages to financial outcomes.

How the elements should be analyzed Root cause. Governments should move beyond just identifying deviations from budget versus actuals and work towards analyzing and articulating why deviations occurred in order to move towards resolution.

Is it anticipated for any identified variance to continue or is there an underlying reason for the variance?

Structure budget monitoring to meet any interim reporting requirements that the government may have, if possible.

Governments should also ensure that reference points for comparison are logical and appropriate and account for any major organizational changes that would impact any comparisons.The NETALGAE project aims to create a European network of relevant stakeholders within the marine macroalgae sector.

Compilation of information from different regions will result in a wide ranging policy study of existing practice within the macroalgae industry.

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Analysis of the results will establish a best practice model and suggest policies for the . The Budget Office of the Federation was established to provide budget function, implement budget and fiscal policies of the Federal Government of Nigeria Budget Monitoring & Evaluation Home.

Monitoring is the collection and analysis of information about a project or programme, undertaken while the project/programme is ongoing. Evaluation is the periodic, retrospective assessment of an organisation, project or programme that.

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34 Monitoring and Evaluation of ICT in Education Projects laws, regulations, guidelines, etc. Much of the information desirable to monitor a program is also valuable for the evaluation component. Evaluation looks at performance against goals. Monitoring and Evaluation Induction session for members and observers of the WFP Executive Board January budget Strategic Results Framework Management Results Framework Annual Performance Report Independent implementation.

Monitoring the budget is important to ensure that the financial, operational and capital plans that were developed and approved for implementation as part of the budget processes are being implemented.

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