Mechanical projects for students

Human powered sugar cane bud cutting machine 2. Manual operated coconut dehusking machine 3.

Mechanical projects for students

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Drop test analysis of industrial helmet used for Mining Industrial standards 2. Shape optimization of a two wheeler suspension for pipe type and rectangular cross sections 3. Design evaluation and optimization of a nozzle used in diesel engine 4.

Design evaluation of medical wheel chair. Design evaluation of a ceiling fan blade for Rolax company 6.


CFD analysis of a blower outer casing. Coupled field analysis of a chimney used in cement industry 8. Stress analysis of functionally graded discs under mechanical and thermal loads 9.

Effect of tool feed rate in single point diamond turning of Aluminum alloy.

Mechanical projects for students - Bread of Life Fellowship

Composite material analysis of a driven shaft for variable speeds Design, modeling and manufacturing of a heat treatment tray for 7mmdia and 30mm height nozzle. Transient thermal analysis of a Diesel Engine Out let Bi metal valve for open and closed conditions.

Contact analysis of a cam and follower in two wheeler. Design of connecting rod of internal combustion Engine by a Topology optimization approach. Tool life performances, wear mechanisms and surface roughness characteristics when milling austenised and quenched bearing steel with ceramic and H.

Stress analysis of overarm or ram used in milling machine Drop simulation and material optimization of USB flash drive Influence of cutting parameters on thrust force and torque in drilling of Mild steel, Aluminum by using HSS drill bit Influence of cutting parameters on thrust force and torque in milling of EN 26 and H.

Tool life performances, wear mechanisms and surface roughness characteristics when turning austenised and quenched bearing steel with ceramics and HSS M30 Profile modification and Validation of spur gear to increase the tooth strength Analysis of Effect of clearance between the blades in shearing operations.

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Stress analysis and design failure rectification of a connecting rod by FEA Structural Analysis of milling bed due to cutting forces Optimization of a material flow time for plastic component by design evaluation Fatigue analysis of diesel engine connecting rod using metal aluminum matrix reinforced with boron carbide.

Structural Analysis of column used in shaping machine. Design optimization of the cc engine valve by Ti MMC.mechanical engineering students compete in the mini baja Our Mechanical Engineering Baja Car Team (one of the ME capstone projects) traveled up north May 13 to compete in the Mini Baja Competition in Portland, OR and Washougal, WA.

Mechanical Engineering Projects We provides latest - Mini and Main Mechanical Engineering Projects, Project Ideas, Project Topics for final Year Mechanical and Automobile Engineering Students with Abstract, Source Code and Reports .

Mechanical projects for students

Home Senior Design Projects Senior Design Projects Amazing new inventions and technologies created by teams of CU Engineering seniors and graduate students were exhibited Apr. 27, at the Coors Events Center during the Engineering Projects Expo.

This post I will give you some best and mini project for mechanical engineering students many of mechanical students find best and mini project for final year project and many students find project idea for their final year project.

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Mechanical projects for students


Students are advised to take up projects which are helpful to the rural masses and concentrate and develop ideas and work on projects that cater to the present day energy crisis.

Some of the projects carried out by the students are solar operated water pump, Centrifugal Sheller, Small scale packaging equipments like auger filler, Weigh, Fill.

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