King henry the fourth served as ambassador of rights of the citizens

John, King of England — Miniature from an English psalter presenting a spirited account of the murder of Archbishop Becketc. Henry reacted by getting Becket and other English bishops to recognise sixteen ancient customs in writing for the first time in the Constitutions of Clarendongoverning relations between the king, his courts and the church. Becket fled and remained in exile for five years.

King henry the fourth served as ambassador of rights of the citizens

The King died in and some years later his widow, Catherine of Valois, is said to have married the handsome Tudor, although it is possible they were never legally married. Henry V was succeeded by his infant son, Henry VI.

The new King who became insane as an adult was little more than a pawn in the so-called Wars of the Roses, a series of power struggles between the ruling House of Lancaster and the rival House of York.

Owen Tudor was a staunch supporter of the King. The very fact that Henry Tudor became King of England at all is somewhat of a miracle. His claim to the English throne was tenuous at best.

His father was a Welshman of Welsh royal lineage, but that was not too important as far as his claim to the English throne went. What was important though was his heritage through his mother, a descendant of Edward III.

This descent from King Edward was through his third son, John of Gaunt. The children born before the marriage were later legitmized, but barred from the succession.

Margaret Beaufort was descended from one of the children born before the marriage of John and Catherine. Perhaps Henry Tudor bears little resemblance to the popular idea of a monarch because, unlike most kings, he was not brought up in the certainty of his destiny. Indeed, he was already in his early teens before the deaths of his royal cousins gave his claims to the throne any substance, and it was not until Henry was 27 that he won his crown in battle.

King henry the fourth served as ambassador of rights of the citizens

He was not trained, as most English kings have been since childhood, in statesmanship, warfare, or diplomacy, but came to the throne a complete novice in those arts, which only makes his achievement the more remarkable.

But Jasper was a commander in the Lancastrian army, and when Henry was only four years old, a Yorkist force was sent to take the Tudor fortress at Pembroke, where the child was living.

According to some accounts he was spirited away by his uncle to years of hiding in the Welsh wilderness; other sources maintain that he was put into the household of the Yorkist Lord Herbert after his capture. In Maythe King was captured after his defeat at the Battle of Barnet, and not long afterwards he was murdered.

So all at once it seemed that Henry Tudor had a good claim to the throne.

Britain 1066-1485

But a woman claimant to the English throne was a situation unprecedented since the 12th century; no woman could hope to win support on her own account. His uncle Jasper was not blind to the situation, nor to the danger in which Henry would stand if he now fell into Yorkist hands.

He took the year-old boy with him to Brittany to keep him safe against the day when his chance might come to return as King. Jasper won support for his invasion scheme in Brittany, at that time a Duchy independent of the French Crown.

An English uprising was to coincide with the landing of the Breton army. Henry returned reluctantly to Brittany. Richard III could not rest easily knowing that his rival was free to mount another invasion at any time, and he persuaded the Breton government to hand their refugee over to him.

Henry learned of the plan only just in time to evade capture, escaping over the border into the kingdom of France. By now he had not only the Lancastrians behind him but also a coterie of disaffected Yorkists, and he was able to persuade the French King to sponsor another invasion of England.Peter of Blois (cc), had a distinguished academic, ecclesiastical, and political career, becoming archdeacon of London, ambassador to King Henry II, and secretary to his wife, Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine, the most powerful woman in Europe.

HENRY VIII TUDOR (King of England) 4. Mary TUDOR (Queen of France/D. Suffolk) The founder of the royal Tudor dynasty was Owen Tudor, a well-born Welsh man who served as a squire of the body to England's King Henry V. The King died in He made an advantageous treaty with Denmark for fishing rights and an agreement with .

The Great Divorce: The Evil Fruits of Henry VIII's Adultery King Henry VIII of England has been credited with single-handedly ripping apart one of the most devout Catholic countries the world has.

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9 pages. Company. About Us; Contact; Resources;. Henry IV (French: Henri IV, read as Henri-Quatre [ɑ̃ʁi katʁ]; 13 December – 14 May ), also known by the epithet Good King Henry, was King of Navarre (as Henry III) from and King of France from to Mother: Jeanne III of Navarre.

A map of Regent’s Park shows Winfield House – the residence of the Ambassador of the United States of America to the Court of St. James’s – occupying twelve and a half acres on the northwest side.

KING EDWARD IV of England () [Wars of the Roses: House of York]