Karatbars international business presentation

After struggling for the past few of years to find that one thing that could give me the financial freedom, a friend finally introduced Karatbars to me. Since then, I never looked back. On top of that, after 5 months in Karatbars, I have acquired nearly 30 grams of gold in my gold savings account, all paid-for by the system.

Karatbars international business presentation

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We had the highest number of purchases since this month so well done for all your hard work. I have tried live meetings, email marketing, solo ads, leafleting, telemarketing, autoresponders, capture pages, buying leads, social media advertising, PPC, posting links, etc etc etc I think I have tried every marketing technique possible to find a fast way to build my business!

I speak to other global leaders in Karatbars to learn the strategies and techniques that work for them. Because I am available to guide you through it all So what are my top tips to guarantee success in ? CommitCommit to focus and build your business for twelve months in Get a pen out and write down these words.

Act like a six figure earner Karatbars has made many millionaires and will make many more in the future. Does your dress, language, actions, Karatbars international business presentation profile reflect a business person?

karatbars international business presentation

Does your public images show a happy, successful person? Would you want to do business with you? Are you clear on your mission?

Apr 27,  · FRANKFURT — A PowerPoint presentation was prepared by a top technology executive at Volkswagen in , laying out in detail how the automaker could cheat on . Karatbars International has a great home based business with a low cost/no cost entry, yet has the ability to earn you many thousands of dollars a month. By combining MLM with the internet anyone in the world can start their own home business. There’s many ways to earn in today’s MLM opportunities. You can earn from direct sales, from your referrals, for their referrals, from pool shares, performance bonuses and so on.

If your mission is to open K-exchanges, help shopkeepers create a new revenue stream for their businesses and save them from closure you will be successful. Read it over and over until it is your mission too. Start planning for now. If you break it down, that is K-exchanges registering customers each.

You need to get your head into a space where it can accept big ideas. Whatever it is you are planning in your head, think bigger. You cannot fail if you have not given up.

You cannot fail if you overcome fear. Everything you have ever wanted is on the other side of fear! These might seem like obvious statements and cliches but guess what, they are cliches because they are true. Be under no illusion Fear of rejection will stop you from making that next call.

Rejection will make you want to stop completely.


You must decide now that no matter what anyone says to you, no matter what you read, no matter what you see, even if your left arm falls off Nothing will stop you from completing your mission. Most people fail in sales because they start selling without having their mind right first.

So lets get to the practical stuff. Complete the 5 phases on your dashboard Login and complete the five phases on your karatbars dashboard in order. It will take you ten minutes. It will take you just ten minutes. Do not move on to step seven until they are done.

If you need help get in touch. You would do it. Of course you would! When I started I was motivated by hunger and the prospect of not being able to pay our rent.

karatbars international business presentation

Do you want security, a nice holiday, clear your debts,a happy retirement, set up your children, peace of mind even! Be very clear about your reasons for doing this and asking three people per day will become very easy. At Karatbars International we give free gold savings accounts and a free business to anyone over the age of eighteen in countries.

Even someone in solitary confinement in prison gets to see the people who bring them food every day. Your mindset must be to ask every single person you see in every situation every day. You are asking them one of two things.With over , members worldwide, Business Network International (BNI) is the world's largest business networking and business referral organization.

debt free Business presentation. Pricing And Real Facts About Karatbars International. 5 Steps To Building Success Fast With Karatbars International.

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Karatbars International is NOT A MLM Business & Karatbars International Compensation Plan Explain. We Do NOT Invest Or Trade Gold. Unmissable events for researchers, policymakers and business leaders, the IISS organises regular discussion meetings and conferences as an opportunity to convene experts in international affairs.

For every 2 Euro in sales you get 1 point. For example, for Euros in sales you get 50 points. You qualify for a rank in the Unilevelplan on the achieved points in a certain period.

CEO and Founder, Karatbars International Business © Karatbars International GmbH, All rights reserved. Karatbars is an international Trademark. Aug 22,  · If you haven’t yet heard about the Karatbars, International business opportunity, then a) This is probably your first visit to this blog; and b) you’re missing out on an amazing way to earn a significant income while protecting yourself from the hyper inflation that’s right around the corner (that no one in the mainstream media is talking about).

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