Government should subsidize university fees for

Share via Email Has the government got its higher education sums right? Clegg explained that the fee rises — which have been blamed for a 30, fall in applications this year — were unavoidable in the current economic climate.

Government should subsidize university fees for

The Student Account Services Office administers billing transactions and can address any concerns you may have regarding your student account.

You can find contact information for Student Account Services on their website. Application Should I apply for aid even if I probably will not qualify? There are no penalties in applying for federal aid; any loan offers that result from completing the FAFSA may be declined.

How do I make a correction to my financial aid application? If you have already received your award notification or if your application has already been verified, contact the Student Financial Aid office to determine if the correction is appropriate. Do I have to apply for aid every year?

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You just need to update your and your family's income information and any data that has changed. If you marry after filing the FAFSA you will have the opportunity to update your marital status later. Does the FAFSA consider me an independent student if I am expecting a child during the academic year for which I will receive financial aid?

You are considered an independent if your unborn child will be born during the academic year and your household will provide more than half of the child's support from the projected date of birth through the end of the academic year.

If you are expecting a child when you fill out your FAFSA you should answer yes to the applicable dependency status question and include the unborn child in your household size. In either situation you will most likely be required to provide documentation from a physician regarding the expected child to our office.

The results of your application will be sent UA and to you in the form of a Student Aid Report SAR by mail or email if you provided an email address within business days.

This report details the information that you provided and informs you of any corrections that are needed to complete the application. Carefully review the SAR to make sure that all the information is accurate, as The University of Alabama will receive the same information.

Once your FAFSA is received it will be processed for a financial aid award or we may request additional information or documentation.

Government should subsidize university fees for

It is important to monitor your myBama account and check your Crimson email for updates. Once your financial aid file is complete, you will receive an award notification.


The EFC, derived from information on the FAFSA, represents the amount that the federal government expects a student's family should be able to pay towards the student's education. The EFC is an indicator of your family's financial strength to pay for educational expenses and is not the amount of money that your family must provide.

Rather the EFC is a tool, which, when subtracted from the Cost of Attendance, determines a student's need and therefore the type of aid for which a student is eligible. What is the Cost of Attendance? Aid cannot be awarded above a student's cost of attendance, but if you have an unusual expense that might affect your COA you may contact our office to determine if an increase to your budget is appropriate.

What is financial need? Financial need is the difference between your cost of attendance, as determined by our office, and your expected family contribution.

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Many federal student aid programs require applicants to demonstrate a financial need to be considered eligible for that program. The amount of your financial aid award will be affected by whether you are a full time or part time student and whether you attend school for a full academic year or less.

What is an additional resource and how do I report it or an outside scholarship? Generally, scholarships, departmental funding, assistantships or any other types of funding applied to your student account to pay for tuition or fees are considered to be additional resources.

Any additional resource that is available to you is taken into consideration when calculating your aid eligibility. If you should receive an additional resource after you have been awarded you should report it to our office immediately.

Government should subsidize university fees for

According to federal regulations the Student Financial Aid Office is required to adjust your award if changes in your eligibility occur due receipt of an additional resource. I signed a promissory note last year. Why don't I have to sign one this year?"To be governed is to be watched over, inspected, spied on, directed, legislated, regimented, closed in, indoctrinated, preached at, controlled, assessed, evaluated.

The Dependent Tuition Assistance Plan (Plan) pays a portion of the instructional and general fees for an eligible employee’s spouse/same-sex domestic partner*, eligible unmarried dependent children, and eligible unmarried dependent children of their same-sex domestic partner*, who take courses at .

At present, undergraduate education at NUS is highly subsidized by the Singapore Government, which pays for the bulk of the operating costs besides the infrastructural costs.

Why and How Should the Government Subsidize Education?

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