Cadillac desert essay

His pulling is done subtlety, like any great storyteller. They may only note that the thick book, which is packed with historical, economical, and statistical facts, is one of the easiest nonfiction books to read. It is engaging, suspenseful, and even comical. But Reisner never loses his focus.

Cadillac desert essay

More Essay Examples on American Rubric view and idiotic behavior of the public employees. The graphics included in the books are numerous grayscale photographs.

Cadillac desert essay

The scarcity of maps in the book is the singular drawback. Rivers that are mentioned in the book can not always be distinguished by the average reader.

The book explains the history of European journey to the West, starting from the 16 th century Spanish exploration.

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The writer confers about the Lewis and Clark expedition and the Louisiana Purchase, following with the explanation of Powell Geographic Expedition of in some detail.

After that the author embarks on the topic of Gold Rush in California in the s which leads to the discussion of the effect of William Mulholland and his current entrepreneurs in Los Angeles.

This discussion explains the way Owens Valley waters were used by the public and private sectors in Los Cadillac desert essay which hurried the building of an channel; unequaled in its length and the unreceptive nature of the topography the water voyaged through to arrive at Los Angeles.

Risener proceeds to the evaluation of the dams established in the late s and 50s. The book highlights the conflict between the Reclamation Bureau and the Army Corps of Engineers over the establishment of projects along the Western rivers, and the dishonorable treatment of the Indian tribes who stood in the way of these developments.

Risener then inspects the Western dam projects of the s and the precipitant legal proceedings, including the resistance most of the project faced by David Brower. As the book progresses on, it assesses the water reforms carried out by the Carter administration and the resistance the government faced by the Western and Southern communities including the politicians of that time.

Risener also points out the fact that Carter failed miserably when taking a stand against the offenders of water projects.

The water projects in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming are also focused at in the book. The second last chapter instigates with the examination of the lessening of the Ogallala aquifer waters because of irrigation and the failure of Texan plans to import water from Louisiana.

Then the chapter concludes with the statement by several hydrologists, that by building water dams we are merely escaping the harsh reality to be faced which is certain. The subject of water shortage and related problems are universal, therefore this book remains informative, infuriating and critical at the same time to educate the reader about the issues one part of the world faced while trying to improve methods of water storage, distribution and consumption.

The book enlightens the reader about water related issues and the way many personalities took a stand for or against different projects and locations, by forming policies and introducing many reforms to solve the inevitable.

Although Mark Risener has published an explanatory and detailed view on water and how it has been and still is an economic, cultural and political issue for the Western United States of America, he does not do a convincing job by suggesting that we head back to our roots by being even more nature friendly and not building dams.

As many people may also suggest that we must look ahead into forming a modern world, humans have always learnt to adapt and even though the Western part of America has made its share of mistakes, it may be best to move on instead of moving civilization and farmers for the sake of nature.

In short we can say that despite the fact that the book has negligible problems, Cadillac Desert: All the pros and cons aside, the book remains as one of the crowned non- fiction books of the Twentieth Century.Cadillac Desert: The American West and Its Disappearing Water Essay Marc Reisner This Study Guide consists of approximately 36 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - everything you need .

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In a book, economist Jack Hirschleifer declared that the shortage of water in the United States was like the shortage of $ Cadillacs. When price is kept artificially low, demand will naturally exceed available supply, whether an automobile or water is the object of desire.

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Accessing Free Term Papers. It's easy to access all of our free essays and term papers. Desert flower to Diet Analysis. An essay or paper on Cadillac Desert by Marc Reisner. Cadillac Desert by Marc Reisner: An Analysis During the last years, water resource development has greatly affected the western United States.

The early programs were generally dominated by engineers. The projects were often big, ambitio.

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