Big hero 6 writing activity first grade

Children hear the word hero used today more than ever. Yet what does it mean to be a hero?

Big hero 6 writing activity first grade

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What Makes a Hero? This is my story, and my printable creation. Big Hero 6 fever has hit my house. Baymax spends the movie trying to help Hiro feel better as he searches for answers, deals with his feelings of loss, and wrestles with his desire for revenge. There are so many wonderful lessons and examples of strong character in this movie!

As homeschoolers, I am always looking for teachable moments in our day, so I knew I had to include some character education lessons based on the movie in our schoolwork this week to celebrate the release of the film.

As soon the movie came out, we headed straight to Walmart to pick up our copy. This set also came with the digital movie on Vudu.

Movie Worksheet: Big Hero 6

All I needed to do was scan my receipt with the Savings Catcher in the Walmart app. Once I did that, I got an email with the digital version, which the kids can watch on the iPad or computer or any device we have, really.

You can find this pack in the electronics section. In our Walmart, there was a big display right on the end of the aisle!

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I had also picked up some Big Hero 6 books from walmart. Any time I can get the kids reading, I call it a win, and The Essential Guide and the Ultimate Sticker Book were awesome additions to our detour from our typical school work this week.

We started our lesson with a morning of movie watching, and then we dug right into the learning! After the movie, the kids settled in with their new books, and we began discussing the movie.

I really wanted the kids to focus on the character of Baymax, and the traits he had that made him special. Baymax is a bit of a detour from a typical superhero as normally shown in movies like this. We made a list of the traits that made Baymax special, and then we set out to find examples of these traits in the movie.

We discussed the meaning of words like compassionate, adaptable, and thoughtful all of the traits that make Baymax special. We also talked about how we can be more like Baymax, and be a hero in our own home. The kids came up with some wonderful ideas.

Free Big Hero 6 “What Makes a Hero?” Printable Pack

Bug suggested that he can think up ways to be helpful around the house, and do his chores without being asked because after all, a hero is reliable. Man decided he can be more like a hero by looking out for his little brother, and making sure that Peanut is always safe and cared for.

Then, the kids wrote their own hero stories, keeping strong character traits in mind.

big hero 6 writing activity first grade

While the big kids worked on their stories, Little Miss worked on some coloring pages and told me all about how Baymax is a special kind of hero. After we finished our lesson on character, the kids settled in to watch the second bonus DVD from the combo pack.Find Superhero Themes lesson plans and worksheets.

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Big Hero 6 Worksheets - Printable Worksheets

Get Free Access See Review. Karmi is a recurring character in Big Hero 6: The Series. She is a young student at San Fransokyo Institute of Technology, who specialises in biology. Karmi, along Television programs: Big Hero 6: The Series.

big hero 6 writing activity first grade

We’re sharing an assortment of free kids printables that fans will love: BIG HERO 6 activity sheets! Just print and you have instant fun! Just print and you have instant fun! Disney’s latest animated movie, Big Hero 6, hit theaters this past week and we’re hearing some great things about it.

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Big Hero 6 Maze Activity – Help the “Big Hero 6” escape from Yokai by navigting them through the streets of San Fransokyo Spot the Difference: Find the eight differences in these two images Hidden Objects: Help Baymax Locate the seven missing microbots that are hidden in the City of San Fransokyo.

Big Hero 6 Lesson Plans For Teachers - Worksheet, Art Lesson, Coding using Java Script! Show this DVD in class, use these questions in a graphic organizer.

What Makes a Hero? Free Big Hero 6 Printable Pack – Only Passionate Curiosity