Attention getting introduction essays

I want to acknowledged a scholarly debt of gratitude to John Langan i. Lunsford and Bill Bridges i. Boeck and Megan C. Writing, Reading and Critical Thinking for their own work in the area of opening and closing essay stratagems.

Attention getting introduction essays

Attention Grabbing Techniques for Essay Writing By Kori Morgan ; Updated June 25, Attention Grabbing Techniques for Essay Writing Your essay might have a great thesis statement, meticulous research and a unique perspective, but if the introduction doesn't grab the audience's interest, they may not even read past the first few sentences.

Strong essays are not just about presenting information but doing it in an engaging, interesting way. Showing that your topic has a widespread impact can help readers to see its relevance to their lives and want to read on.

Write an introduction that interests the reader and effectively outlines your arguments.

For example, if you were writing an essay about the health benefits of eating bananas, you might open your essay by saying, "If you want stronger bones, more energy and better eyesight, eating bananas might be a good place to start.

Just as a fiction writer uses description to establish the world of a story, you can place readers in the world of your topic. For example, a paper on the Holocaust might begin, "A boxcar packed with human cargo rumbles down a German railroad track.

The air inside is hot and stale, and the passengers struggle to breathe, unaware of where they are headed. This is what millions of people experienced traveling to concentration camps during the Holocaust. In essay writing, the anecdote can be an effective attention-getting device because it lets audiences get emotionally involved with the topic.

If you have direct experience with your topic, the University of Maryland suggests using a personal anecdote.

Good "Attention Getters" Are Vital for Essays

For example, if you're writing about cyber-bullying, you might describe an incident where you were victimized: The hurtful phrase seeped into me like venom from a snakebite. You can quote a noted expert to build your credibility for your argument, use the words of a famous person for humor and irony, or even use song lyrics in a way that creatively leads into your topic.

Attention getting introduction essays

For example, an essay about political correctness might begin, "'Political correctness is tyranny with manners,' actor Charlton Heston once said. Today, that statement seems to be true. Many people are more concerned with not offending people than expressing themselves.

4 Easy Ways to Write an Attention Getter (with Pictures)

She taught creative writing and composition at West Virginia University and the University of Akron and her fiction, poetry and essays have appeared in numerous literary journals.Although for short essays the introduction is usually just one paragraph, longer argument or research papers may require a more substantial introduction.

The first paragraph might consist of just the attention grabber and some narrative about the problem. Let's learn about attention getters and why they are important in academic essays.

Attention getting introduction essays

We'll learn about several types of attention getters and review some examples. Attention Getters: Bait Your Hook and Lure 'Em In Effective Writing An attention-getter (A-G) is the first part of the introduction. As the name implies, it must grab the attention of.

4 Easy Ways to Write an Attention Getter (with Pictures)

Introduction: I’ve prepared this with three purposes in mind that are all related to improving the ability of aspiring writers to (1) capture the audience’s attention from the onset with effective, clearly-written and articulated openings for paragraphs and longer compositions, (2) present cleanly-written and carefully-formulated thesis.

Jul 18,  · Good "Attention Getters" Are Vital for Essays An "attention getter," also known as an "attention grabber," "hook," or "hook sentence," refers to the first sentences of an essay and is always found in the introductory torosgazete.coms: Hooks and Attention Grabbers your essay.

Once you have an interesting opening for your introduction, Introduction How can a writer expect to get a reader’s attention without a good hook? The first sentence of an essay is often overlooked by writers, but readers depend on it to set the tone.

The Attention-Getter: The First Step of an Introduction