Athens better than sparta

Because of the unique status and behavior of women in Sparta, they were often perceived as having an "unnatural" and dominant role. Aristotle blamed them for Sparta's decline and an Athenian woman perhaps somewhat jealously asked the Spartan queen Gorgo: The comparison is with Athens, because we have the most reliable information about Athens, and the focus is on the aristocratic elite because only they were not craftsmen or laborers, had the luxury of household slaves, and so are comparable in terms of social position and lifestyle to the Spartiates. For a start, it was common for boys to be the objects of the homosexual attentions of men a few years older.

Athens better than sparta

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Sat, 8 Aug Welliver states that both were destroyed by natural disasters as a device to separate pre-history from history, but for Plato to destroy a virtuous - indeed, the ideal state - must have key significance. I agree with Dombrowski's hypothesis that it symbolises Plato's final abandonment of high utopianism that he was reluctant to cast off completely in the Republic.

I would be very interested in your view on this matter. Sun, 09 Aug 98 To me, the answer to your question must be part of a broader understanding of the task Critias in undertaking and the reason why the dialogue was left unfinished.

And my understanding of all this is that the Critias was deliberately interrupted by Plato at the very moment "Zeus, the god of gods who reigns by laws" Critias, b is about to talk in the assembly of the gods he has convened to set a plan to straighten up men's mess.

But what is wrong with Critias? Here, he is shown in pretty good terms with Hermocrates, a leading Sicilian general who was instrumental in the downfall of the Sicilian expedition that preluded to the defeat of Athens in the Peloponesian war and a guy whose name means "endowed with the power of Hermes, the messenger of the gods" Now, what is Critias asked to do and what is he doing?

Basically, Socrates is asking his interlocutors to give life to the "ideal" of the Republic summarized just before again, I know that the summary is not that of the dialogue called the Republic--other time, other place, other cast of characters-- but it is the summary of the ideas introduced in the Republic,and ideas are outside time and space, which is precisely what Plato wants to hint at in dissociating the ideas from their earlier setting in the Republic.

Is that what Socrates advocates at the end of the Republic and through all the dialogues, when he criticizes Homer and the poets, and promotes political activity and law-making?

Remember that Critias, besides being a statesman, was also counted among the sophists, and that, in a poem preserved in part in Sextus Empiricus, Against Mathematicians, IX, 54 Diels, Fragmente der Vorsocratiker, Critias, frag.

Athens better than sparta

B, XXVhe suggests that gods were an invention of some shrewd man to frighten men, exploit their sense of guilt and induce them to obey law even when acting in secret.

Well, here, he is making up a tale to refound Athenian imperialism while defusing Socrates' revolutionary ideas by suggesting that they are old stuff already put in practice in a remote past for better and for worse.

Athens had to be destroyed by one of these periodical cataclysms to explain why the memory of this part of its history was lost. But the fact is, because the memory of Marathon didn't find its Homer and, indeed, is too recent to allow for the kind of embellishment the Troyan War afforded, Critias projects it in a remote past to offer new grounds for Athens' dominion over the Greek world.

And an immediate destruction of the winner along with the loser after the wondrous deeds provides an easy enough explanation why the memory of it was lost to future generations there remains to be explained how it got known by Egyptian priests, but this is only a small detail!

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Nov 21,  · The Athens society was far better than that of Sparta since Athenswas more intellectual and wanted to learn and develop; they werenot just focused on war. Which is better, Sparta or Athens? Why? Update Cancel. ad by Zoho. Automate your business with Zoho One. Why is Athens better than Sparta? Currently, because Athens exists and Sparta does not. Historically, I don’t think that you can say that one was better than the other. They were very different, and prioritized different goals. In Sparta, women had much more freedom than in Athens. Another huge difference was their government. Their rivalry lead to the Peloponnesian War, which almost tore Greece apart! ATHENS vs SPARTA: Similarities The two city-states also had some similarities. For .

This is the rationale from Critias' standpoint. But, with Plato, there is always more to any given item than meets the eye. If, from Critias' standpoint, he is making up new ratonales for Athens' imperialism and thus, draws his inspiration from the Medean wars, Plato finds a way to make the story such that it also includes its own antidote aside from being shut in the middle to make us wonder So, besides suggesting the Medean wars moved west, the story also draws upon We are talking about a huge island west OK!

The Athenian army indeed was gobbled up by the earth in one day and one night, sort of, thanks in large part to none other than Thus, behind Critias' attempt to justfy a new imperial Athens as an answer to Socrates plea for an "ideal" city, Plato, between the lines, tells his readers "Look where imperialism leads!


Look what Alcibiades and Critias brought upon Athens, because they did not follow Socrates' lessons! Judge by yourselves if you can, and turn toward the proper way, that of the laws To look at the past that never was rather than build the future that will be what we make it Does that answer your question?

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Athens better than sparta

The cities of Athens and Sparta are famous for various reasons, including their eternal rivalry. They have some things in common, such as being located in Greece; however, more are the differences than the similarities when it . Athens Vs Sparta. Showing top 8 worksheets in the category - Athens Vs Sparta.

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Well, Athens had better architecture; classical drama and philosophy were written there. If you were a man and a citizen, you had greater political rights in Athens than in Sparta, and non-citizen males did better in Athens, too.

Unlike Athens, Sparta's economy relied on both farming and conquering other people. Sparta did not have enough land to feed all its people, so they took the land they needed from their neighbors.

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Athens and Sparta shared the same sources of income, agriculture and slave labor, but they managed them in different manners. The slaves in Sparta were called helots and since they had no rights, they were often treated as tools rather than as human beings.

A report on the culture in Sparta, and why it was a greater city than its rival, Athens. There are various topics discussed throughout the paper. by seanthebond in History, europe, and War/5(11).

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