An unexpected trip

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An unexpected trip

Located within Taipei city limits is Beitou, a natural hot spring recreation area in the city. During our stay in Taiwan, we decided to take a An unexpected trip trip to Beitou, enjoy the hot springs, a number An unexpected trip attractions in the area, and then of course, eat some food.

Here are the quick steps on how to get to Beitou on the MRT: You can snap a photo of the map with you phone or camera so you have all the directions in your pocket, then keep on exploring. But there are plenty of well marked signs and maps as you walk down the street towards the hot springs.

I only spent about 2 minutes at the library, but I did manage to take a quick peek inside, and get a view from the outside. What I did really like was the natural feel and green design. Across the street from the library I noticed the Ketagalan Culture Center, a museum about the local Taiwanese culture in the area.

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The museum, which is free of charge, was the original public hot spring bath in Beitou. Although built by the Japanese inthe bath house was made with influence of British and Victorian architecture and design.

From the outside, and from some of the rooms in the hot spring house, it really had a British feel, while other parts were very Japanese. The former main public hot pool When you arrive at Beitou Hot Springs Museum, they give you a pair of sandals which you have to change into in order to walk around the museum.

From there, you can check out a few of the rooms, the main bath house at the bottom, and then a few gallery rooms as well. Plum Garden — former home of the calligraphy master Plum Garden Another short walk up the road and we arrived at the Plum Gardens — not an actual garden full of plums — but yet another small museum.

The Plum Garden is the name of the former residence getaway of Yu You-renone of the fathers of modern Chinese calligraphy and journalism.

Plum Garden was the residence of Yu You-ren The house is nicely restored, and you can just briefly walk around the house, see some of Yu You-ren famous calligraphy and tools, and admire the architecture of his getaway home. I just wanted to relax at the Plum Garden, drinking hot tea and writing poetry in a notebook and dreaming calligraphy… ok probably more like sit on my laptop with wifi, writing a blog post.

An unexpected trip

Tuesday — Sunday from 9 am — 5 pm Price for entrance: Free Natural hot water Millennium Hot Springs — Public Bath House After browsing through a couple museums in the morning, I was more than ready to soak in the hot springs.

Millennium Hot Springs, located adjacent to the Plum Garden is the main public bath house in Beitou — open and inviting to anyone who wants to experience and enjoy the benefits of the hot spring water, without having to pay for a fancy resort spa.

The public hot spring pools are outside, still open air, and there are a series of about 4 different pools, each a different temperature, and hotter as you go further up the steps. The bottom one is the coolest and the very top pool is the hottest — and scorching hot!

I tried all the pools just for a short time, and the top pool was so hot I could only stay in for a few minutes. The lower pools were really comfortable and very relaxing. The Thermal Valley is the source of hot springs water in the surrounding streams, public bath house, and private hotels and spas in Beitou as well.

We just happened to bump into them. After visiting Beitou, Ying and I planned to just find something for lunch and then head back to Taipei to complete our Beitou day trip. But Joe, Raymond, and his Father, invited us to go along with them through the mountains to another hot spring spot, and then have lunch.

As soon as we got out of the car and took a peek in the main dining room, I knew it was exactly the type of restaurant I would love.


The dining room, ready for lunch There were big round communal dining tables all packed into what looked like an oversize shed.

Lunch with Joe and Raymond was incredible Before doing anything else, we had lunch. Boiled chicken Boiled chicken served cool, with a pile of fresh shredded ginger was the first dish that arrived.

It was rustic and country tasting, like real chicken is supposed to taste.

Day Trip to Beitou Hot Springs (and an Unexpected Taiwanese Feast)

It was a great way to begin. Thin sliced pork Another dish of this Taiwanese feast I enjoyed was the dish of thinly sliced pork, which I think was pork belly due to its fatty strips, which was perhaps stir fried lightly, topped with oyster sauce, and served with another handful of ginger.

The pork had a lovely sour-ish flavor and a nice saltiness from the oyster sauce. It was either quail or pigeon — whatever it was, it was delicious Originally as I was eating it, I thought it was quail, but after posting the video, some mentioned it was pigeon.

Whatever bird it was, it was my favorite dish of our meal. The meat was like dark meat chicken, but even more succulent and moist.

It was deep fried so it had a bit of crispy skin, and then it was served with spiced salt to enhance the flavor. Baby squid There was also fresh baby squid, another winning dish.

I believe it was just lightly boiled, and served with chili garlic sauce. The squid was nice and tender, and really fresh tasting.


Finished off our meal with bitter melon chicken soup And then finally, sitting on a burner off the side of our table, there was a full pot of bitter melon chicken soup.An Unexpected Trip To Candyland This story has been marked as having adult content.

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Learn as much as you can before you go and this includes speaking the language. Take classes before and or during your trip.

An unexpected trip

Being able to speak and understand the language is helpful.

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