An analysis of the reducement of employee turnover

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An analysis of the reducement of employee turnover

Prestigious coffee machines… trendy office designs… high turnover rate?! But before we get into it, ask yourself these questions: Do you feel like you are experiencing a shortage of labor 52 weeks per year?

Do you think it is just a normal phenomenon with the arrival of a new season? Has there recently been a large number of departures of high-performing employees?

But first, here are a few definitions: And that has reminded me, yet again, why I love using psychometric testing as an integral part of our hiring process. Working with an applicant pool comprised mostly of consultants and freelancers, I see a wide variety of experiences, education, and big-name former employers.

It is a coefficient that indicates the ratio between the number of employees leaving the company and the total number of workers in the company, in any given period. Involuntary or voluntary departure? In order to obtain a representative turnover rate, you must first and foremost distinguish between the nature of the departures: This departure, imposed by the company, includes: But regardless of the reason for their resignation, voluntary turnover can be positive or negative.

Depending on their nature, positive voluntary departures can be beneficial to an employer, especially if the employee did not meet the quality standards of their functions.

An analysis of the reducement of employee turnover

The nature of the voluntary departure should certainly encourage reflection among human resources managers. Exit interviews allow the organization to better understand the loss of a talent, and properly terminate the professional relationship with the departing employee.

Now, the infamous formula Calculating employee turnover rate is not rocket science. It is about gathering some key data and applying the following formula. Here is the one we have picked for you: This equation must be applied to a specific period of time.

Examine your overall turnover, your voluntary and involuntary turnovers separately, analyze different departments, and use different time periods. Going deep into the analysis will reveal the information you actually need and can use to take decisive action.

When we compare to others, we feel sorry for ourselves Or do we? Once your turnover rate is established, compare it to that of companies in your industry. When comparing your data, limit yourself to companies that are in your industry.

The opposite is also true, you might find that you are falling behind and that your employer brand and reputation are fading. You will be able to notice changes in turnover and draw conclusions. The turnover rate is a key indicator, make the most of it, take action and start working on retention plans!

Initially, a high turnover rate sounds like bad news. But before you give in to despair, remember that all departures are not always negative.

When it comes to key employees leaving, make sure to avoid mass departures. Do not wait to see your best candidates leave to a competitor — that may cause your customers to follow as well.

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How to Increase Employee Loyalty … Literally! Loyalty to task completion? Loyalty to people, to the organization, to the self? In this regard, a focus group or an internal survey could help identify key components of employee satisfaction and allow you to adjust your strategy to encourage employee loyalty.

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How to Calculate Employee Turnover Topics: Retention Costs of Employee Turnover – In order to see the full picture of employee turnover, there are some unexpected twists and variables you should.

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Hence, the firm’s motivation for offering this program is supported by this analysis: general skills training increases retention.

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