American art essay looking still

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American art essay looking still

American art essay looking still

So Rockefeller sent Cahill into the uncharted territory of the American South. I gave them scads of notes that I had taken on these trips of mine—gave them to a stenographer—and they disappeared.

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Nobody knows where they are. That Cahill developed his low estimation of the South just months before assuming the directorship of the FAP is also significant. Carl Rutberg reads like a classic rags to riches parable of Gilded Age America.

Things began to turn around for Cahill once he pursued jobs that promised mobility, first at the Northern Pacific Railway inand later with Great Lakes boats.

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There, a minority of European modernist paintings drew a disproportionate amount of attention, fanning the flames of the longstanding, largely one-way rivalry between American artists and their European counterparts. Cahill spent the teens working as a journalist for two Westchester newspapers, taking classes at the New School, and assimilating into avant-garde artistic and political circles via new friends like Mike Gold and John Sloan.

Recognizing the manufacturing center that was his constituency, Dana built the Newark Museum up from its origins as a municipal library with the South Kensington Museum in mind. After several years of combing the countryside, where she had a knack for luring limner paintings out of attics and talking weathervanes off of barns, Halpert issued a press release announcing the opening of the AFA gallery in She framed the endeavor as follows: They have been carefully selected, not because of their antiquity, historical association, utilitarian value, or the fame of their makers, but because of their esthetic quality and their definite relation to American modern art.

It was also a new source of revenue. She tasked Cahill with selecting, packing and installing objects from her collection at the Ludwell-Paradise House Fig. Based on the account that Cahill gives in his Reminiscences, we know that he must have resumed his trip after his return to Williamsburg, swinging out west through Kentucky, Tennessee and Alabama and going as far south as Louisiana.


He continued on to Florida, stopping first in Jacksonville and later in St. Mooney, Jane Stuart and William H. Cahill found other paintings of interest in Savannah, including another portrait, this one of Archibald Bullock, first governor of Georgia and his family, as well as a watercolor landscape of Savannah done in While he admired St.

Phillips, the first Anglican Church established south of Virginia, he found nearby St. Charleston After his morning of morbid fascinations, Cahill headed to the Charleston Museum and the Gibbes Art Gallery—two institutions that proved the South was not as devoid of museums as he had initially thought.

First they arranged for him to see a Mrs.

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Lyle, who did not advertise as a dealer, Cahill made an acquisition that is widely considered the trophy of his trip: Recently attributed to South Carolina planter John Rose and dated to aroundthe rare work is one of the only extant depictions of slave life from the 18th century.

I looked skeptical, the antique scout said he thought it was high, and she came down to twenty dollars! In addition to two theorem paintings of melons and other fruit Fig. On his way back to Williamsburg, Cahill stopped in Greensboro and Richmond, but found nothing worth buying.

His Rockefeller report ends here, and his next stops can only be estimated based on the recollections found in his Reminiscences.Start by marking “Still Looking: Essays on American Art” as Want to Read: Published primarily in the New York Review of Books, the collected essays in Still Looking are less art criticism than finely honed art appreciations.


Reviewers note Updike's inquisitive tone and earnest interest in his subject matter.4/5. American Indian art was promoted as a high art like traditional Asian art, but modern western art was to be alien to it.

Fig. 5: Luiseño, Fritz Scholder The reaction against this western idea of "Indianness" is something I encountered on my visit in , although by then it was not new.

American art essay looking still

Looking closely at artifacts, putting them into historical context, and using them to understand the past, is exactly the kind of work that goes on in a museum.

Curators make it their mission to discover and tell these stories, to put objects back into history. Out of Africa, the theme surrounding the art sculptures and masks at the American River College Art Gallery, can be viewed from February 21st through March 16th from 11am – 5pm.

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