A stranger in a strange land a college student writing across the curriculum

More specifically, how do students go into a classroom setting and figure out what the writing requirements are in that discipline and for that teacher, and how do they go about producing it?

A stranger in a strange land a college student writing across the curriculum

Brown created a code to analyze her process. The code was used to classify her writing process into four main categories consisting of planning, drafting, revisiting and miscellaneous activities, with multiple subcategories on individual activities like writing, discussion and reading.

She then took the codes from her essay and created two tables. Frequency of Actions, which consisted of the total occurrences of each of the four main categories However, Brown found that table two a much more efficient way of comparing her data, and as a result a more truthful representation of her personal writing process 5.

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Frequency of Activities compared the total percentage of the individual activities, listed from most to least occurred Brown determined that she has a defined writing process.

It offers a better understanding to how students continue to learn to write throughout college The different environments and communities students experience in the college classroom setting can influence the way they perceive things McCarthy observed the three courses and conducted interviews with the student, his professors and classmates, McCarthy then analyzed the information Writing requires an accurate assessment and adaptation to the demands of writing situations.

a stranger in a strange land a college student writing across the curriculum

Although both studies were focused on two different processes a college student faces, they can both be used together to help students not only in college but all through life. While having a knowledgeable outsider follow a student and do the research on their process can do the same for the student.

Combining these studies could greatly help with students that have learning disabilities, giving them a better success in life, and help the teachers when teaching students who have disabilities. Both studies used the technique of recording the student while writing an essay, I have recently found that this is very useful.

I found this a useful way to prewrite my writing projects. If these studies could give those students the knowledge on their specific needs as a student, then I would conduct them at an earlier stage in life.

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It could prepare them to be ready for college to be more successful. Print Create your own unique website with customizable templates.June A. West Darden Graduate School of Business directed college-wide Business Writing Requirement Program which included “Stranger in a Strange Land: Tales from a B-school WAC Director," presentation at the Writing Program Administrators Conference, July, Stranger In A Strange Land - Irish Secure Internet Services Colorado College teaching writing in the disciplines “a stranger in strange lands: a college student writing and paper evaluations.

Department Of English Rhode Island College the english major at rhode island college offers the forbidden love, journeys through.

a stranger in a strange land a college student writing across the curriculum

Stranger in a Strange Land: How Transmitting Cultural Capital and College “Know How” can Empower First-Generation Students to Succeed & Graduate Michael Sparrow, Director of Learning Center, Northampton Community College.

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Stranger in a Strange Land – Book List Books that are insightful portrayals of cultures seen through the eyes of someone not from those cultures, or books that represent an interaction of .

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