A short guide to writing about history summary of venezuela

However, Spanish, the country's official language, is the most common. Most of these languages originated in the languages of the Caribs, the Arawaks and the Chibcha.

A short guide to writing about history summary of venezuela

The referendum was widely condemned by international labor organisations—including the International Labour Organization —as undue government interference in internal union matters; these organisations threatened to apply sanctions on Venezuela.

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These included a Hydrocarbons Law and a Land Law. The Land Law, or Ley de Tierras, proposed giving some of the many Venezuelans who have constructed makeshift homes in the barrios that surround the country's major cities legal title to the land they occupy.

It also contained provisions for rural land reform, including: These reforms entailed the lowering of infant mortality rates; the implementation of a free, government-funded healthcare system ; and free education up to the university level.

By Decemberinflation fell to The opposition warned that if the 49 laws were not amended, they would take to the streets again to attempt to force the issue, [60] and later demanded the outright revocation of the laws.

On 23 January, the opposition staged a massive march, which was met by a counter march by government sympathisers. On 4 February, a pro-government march was countered by opposition marches in several cities.

PDVSA when he took steps to dismiss 17, workers; the strike deepened the economic crisis and cut the government off from all-important oil revenue. I do not rule out the possibility that the crowd, this human river marches united to Milaflores to expel a traitor to the Venezuelan people.

By early afternoon the two sides were about metres apart. Just now six people were killed and dozens wounded in Caracas.

a short guide to writing about history summary of venezuela

Immediately Carmona issued a decree nullifying the constitution, dissolving parliament and the supreme court, abolishing the ombudsman, and firing governors and mayors. The US government quickly gave diplomatic recognition to the coup plotters. He claimed that during the coup Venezuelan radar images had indicated the presence of U.

The Guardian published a claim by Wayne Madsen — a writer at the time for left-wing publications and a former Navy analyst and critic of the George W. Bush administration — alleging U. Senator Christopher DoddD-CT, requested an investigation of concerns that Washington appeared to condone the removal of Mr Chavez, [75] [76] which subsequently found that "U.

They cite a document dated 6 Aprilwhich says: According to The Observer, the coup was approved by the government of the United States, acting through senior officials, including Otto Reich and Elliott Abramswho had long histories in the US-backed "dirty wars" in Central America in the s, and top coup plotters, including Pedro Carmona himself, began visits to the White House months before the coup and with the man President George Bush tasked to be his key policy-maker for Latin America, Otto Reich.

Secretary of State Colin Powell in Bogota, Colombia, on the second day of the — oil strikeand frequently met with the U. Ambassador to Colombia, Ann Paterson. On 6 Octoberhe stated that he had foiled a new coup plot, and on 20 Octoberhe stated that he had barely escaped an assassination attempt while returning from a trip to Europe.

The absence of sanctions against the opposition was interpreted as a sign of government weakness. He also promulgated new civilian-military development initiatives. Despite these measures, conflict simmered throughout the rest of The opposition also called a recall-referendum-petition-signature-gathering day for 4 December.Weisbrot, writing for The Guardian, observed that "a journalist can say almost anything about Chávez or his government and it is unlikely to be challenged, so long as it is negative", saying Venezuela is the most lied-about country in the world.

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Prentice Hall. World History. The Industrial Revolution to the Contemporary World. Tennessee Edition, © Writing About History, ; Birth of the American Republic, –; History W.3 Conduct a short research project summarizing the important causes and.

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