A personal story of a bussines owner at age 18

If you look at the examples below, it certainly seems that way.

A personal story of a bussines owner at age 18

Of course, many entrepreneurs have started their businesses without money or financial backing. And similarly over the years, plenty of entrepreneurs have found success in fields where they had no previous experience.

Entrepreneurs with no Experience Richard Branson Richard Branson started his first venture, which would eventually become Virgin Records, out of a church at a young age. He simply started out selling records that he advertised in a small magazine, and grew his business from there.

Arianna Huffington Though she had appeared on TV and in the public eye because of her congressman husband and conservative-turned-liberal viewpoints, Arianna Huffington had limited journalistic experience before starting the Huffington Post.

The website, now part of AOL, is today one of the most well-known news brands on the Internet. In fact, he dropped out of school at an early age to work. He served as a bobbin boy at a cotton mill and then a telegraph messenger. He then worked his way up through the railroad industry and taught himself by reading as much as he could.

He worked as a newspaper salesman and a telegraph operator before getting started with any of his famous inventions. Debbi Fields Debbi Fields was just over 20 years old when she started Mrs. She had no formal higher education or training in the food industry. But when he got involved in the hip hop community, he decided to focus on building his businesses instead.

A personal story of a bussines owner at age 18

Mary Kay Ash The founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics did have some work experience, but no formal education or entrepreneurial training, before starting her company in She had previously worked for Stanley Home Products. And it was at that job, after being passed over for a promotion in favor of a man she had trained, where she was inspired to write a book aimed at helping women succeed in business.

That book eventually became the business plan that she used to launch Mary Kay Cosmetics. Colonel Harlan Sanders Colonel Sanders had no formal restaurant training or experience before starting what would eventually become Kentucky Fried Chicken.

He learned to cook when caring for his siblings as a child. And he held a number of odd jobs through the first part of his career, including his work in the Army and on local farms and railroads.

He started in the restaurant business because he was running a local service station in Kentucky. But it was the chicken dishes he served that eventually gained the most attention. Joyce Hall The founder of Hallmark Cards started his career with no real experience in the product that would later make his family name a household word.

He would later move to Kansas City where he started wholesaling postcards to bookstores and gift shops. Circumstances forced him to create his own cards only when a fire destroyed his existing stock.

Beiler grew up in an Amish family and started selling pretzels at market stands. She only had a ninth grade education when she started, and had to tweak the pretzel recipe several times to really find success.

He had an interest in art and animation from a young age, but not any formal education or professional experience to show for it. He launched a few different animation studios before eventually finding success.Born on July 18, , in Surrey, England, Richard Branson struggled in school and dropped out at age 16—a decision that ultimately led to the creation of Virgin Records.

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By age nine, she was chairperson of TPak International, a company with nearly $1 million in orders. Improvements and patenting followed.

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A personal story of a bussines owner at age 18

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